O&G Operating Theatre

Located on the 1st floor, it is placed inside the labor ward. Just as clinic days, each ward has a different day for OT’s. Be remember to observe the surgeries performed for both Obstetrics and Gynecological cases. As the cases may differ, generally, you should at least be able to observe Caserean sections and ERPOC such as dilatation and curretage, as these two are the common procedures that they may ask you, if surgical procedures are to be asked in exams. Even in PPD, sometimes you might need to explain how is the procedure is being done, along with details such as types of anesthesia, duration of surgery and potential complications.

Other interesting procedures may include hysterectomy (there are different methods performed by different surgeons), and do get to know the surgical tools used, such as Hegar dilators.

Other venues:
  1. O&G Department Office
  2. O&G Clinics
  3. O&G Wards
  4. The Labor Ward
  5. O&G Operating Theatre
  6. First Stage Ward
  7. OGAC (Obs and Gybe Admission Center)
  8. Colposcopy room

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