OGAC (Obs and Gyne Admission Center)

This is the A&E for O&G department for pregnant ladies, of course. Located on the ground floor, this place is easy to spot from the outside and opens 24/7. Whenever there are emergencies such as imminent labor, leaking liquor, per vaginal bleeding or sometimes lack of fetal movement (felt by the mother), the patient would be admitted here apart from their usual routine follow-up appointments. Of course, there are many more possible pregnancy complications seen, but I’ll just leave it for you to experience. From here (OGAC), the patient would be examined and the best course of action would be decided, whether to send to the wards, First Stage ward, labor ward, operating theatre, etc.

As the O&G posting in UKM also requires sound fundamental knowledge on initial management of the patients, this is the best place to observe it happening in real time instead of imagining it. Try to tag along with the doctors in OGAC during daytime (as some doctors can be rather grumpy at night and might shoo you off) and you would be familiar with the initial investigations done as well as the management. There are also opportunities for you to do history taking, physical examination, setting up CTG and branula, VE, etc provided that the doctor allows you to. Otherwise, you may also observe other procedures such as speculum insertion, high vaginal swab, fibronectin test, ultrasound scan, urine dipstick tests, etc.

As you can see, this is not a compulsory place to visit but medical students are encouraged to do so. Experience counts more than books, and besides, medicine is just not about medical books. Try to come at least once or twice to see how OGAC is like.

Other venues:
  1. O&G Department Office
  2. O&G Clinics
  3. O&G Wards
  4. The Labor Ward
  5. O&G Operating Theatre
  6. First Stage Ward
  7. OGAC (Obs and Gybe Admission Center)
  8. Colposcopy room

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