O&G Department Office

Located on the second floor, this is the starting point of your O&G posting. The O&G lecture hall is in this room, where you’ll have your first day briefing. It is advisable to elect a leader or posting representative as soon as possible, and get help to set up the lecture hall (LCD projector with PC) before the doctor comes in for the briefing. All the O&G lectures would be held in this lecture hall, along with some tutorials and workshop. The date, time and location for each lecture/tutorial/workshop would have to be confirmed by your elected posting representative/leader as the doctors may be busy or needs to be reminded. Most of the specialist doctors room are in here, along with a small O&G department library where you can refer case writeups, and a seminar room where you might use for tutorial and workshop. The contact number of the doctors can be obtained here, and there would be a list of the contacts posted up.

Remember to refer to the notice board for any announcements or changes made to the schedule of the lectures. Sometimes the posting representative may not be directly informed of the changes, so if no one reads the notice board, it may spell displeasure from certain doctors. And well, maybe you’ll want to experience it yourself to remember better.

Other venues:
  1. O&G Department Office
  2. O&G Clinics
  3. O&G Wards
  4. The Labor Ward
  5. O&G Operating Theatre
  6. First Stage Ward
  7. OGAC (Obs and Gybe Admission Center)
  8. Colposcopy room

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